Oh Hello There


Greetings from this End-of-July post! I can’t believe I went more than a month since updating this blog. Here’s a quick snapshot of everything that has gone down since mid-June: (more…)

We’re Going to Thailand!

In a bit of a somewhat spontaneous move, Russ and I booked tickets to Thailand. We won’t be leaving until September but we are so excited. We’re getting the travel fever after not being on a plane for more than six months and we wanted to go somewhere that was affordable, and hopefully somewhere we hadn’t been to before.

We're going!

We’re going!


Life Updates, iPhone edition

Hello! I figure it’s time for a rapid-fire update when I scroll through my photo reel and see a bunch of events I didn’t write about. So here they are, in summary form.

IMG_4299 IMG_4300

At the end of May, my friend graduated and got her bachelor’s degree! I also got to see my godson. I love these photos of us because it’s rare to get all of us in one place, much less in the same shot.  (more…)