Virtual Home Tour: Getting Our Home

Behold, before pictures of our home! We are still in process of making our home pretty (honestly, it might be a never ending process) but here’s how it all looked like on the first day.

Our first day of when we received our keys:

1st Day
Getting our House Keys

Pictures of our condo on our first day (aka “before” pictures). As you can see, almost all the walls were this tannish-brown color that Husband and I couldn’t stand. Sorry in advance for the blur, I didn’t bother to take lots of before pictures because all I wanted to do was fix it.



We brought those palm trees in on our first day so that our neighbors would know that someone was finally moving in. Our condo was a short sale, and I found out after meeting some of our neighbors that our place was actually vacant for more than a year. Yikes! That explains all the spiders I found…


Living Room

Sorry for the blur, I was too excited. One of my first task was to take down those white blinds and individual clean each one. There were so many spiders. Thankfully, I had a friend help me so it was two girls screaming every time there was a spider as opposed to just one girl screaming.


Dining Room

More white blinds. More spiders. It doesn’t look like much, but I cleaned over 100 individual white blinds. The joys of buying a house and not having any more money to spend is that you have no choice but to work with what you have. I would have really liked to just buy new blinds, but that was money not in the budget.



Peach walls. Old wood cabinets. Blah.


Master Bedroom

This room is actually very spacious. And we also have a small bathroom in our room.



That’s the guest bathroom at the end of the hallway and the guest bedroom to the left.


Guest Room

The guest room is the only room that gets proper lighting. It’s nice to work in that room.

I just realized that I didn’t take any pictures of the bathrooms. Bummer. Oh well, just know that one was a peach color and the other was–you guessed it–poop brown.

Stay tuned for my Virtual Home Tours series as we slowly fix up each room.

‘Till Next Time!




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