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We’ve been getting some rain in Southern California – much needed during this drought season. Many of our house plants are outside and soaking in the water while I’m inside staying dry and reading a ton of books. And I mean a ton. I’m averaging to a book a day and I’m still going strong. I’ll go through reading bursts where all I want to do is read read read then all of a sudden, I stop. Then it’ll be months before I can get myself started on another book.

Anyways, since it’s been raining outside and I’ve been keeping warm inside, I figured this would be a good opportunity to show you all my nice slice of heaven: my reading corner.

Reading Corner
In the corner of my living room, snuggled up next to my fireplace.

Wall Decal copy
Wall decal | Left: frames on the left wall, right: frames on the back wall

Here are a few spotlights on two of my favorite frames hanging in my reading corner.

I have a ticket shadow box. Anytime husband and I travel, go to the movies, take a train, go to a museum, etc.we save the ticket stubs then stick them into this ticket box. I love doing this because I’m quite sentimental and have a tendency to hoard…but at the same time, I hate clutter and don’t like keeping loose paper lying around. Hence, the perfect solution! It also doubles as decoration.

Ticket Box
Spot the Harry Potter ticket

Husband and I lived in two apartments before buying our condo. I saved the house keys from those first two apartments and framed them.


Here’s the rubber plant that sits on the side table near my reading chair. It’s one of the first plants I bought when we got our condo. One day, I’ll do a house plant tour.

Rubber Tree Plant

That concludes our mini reading corner tour. It’s a nice cozy place. It’s also the only chair my dog knows he’s allowed on. Anytime husband, me, or a visitor sit in the reading chair, he’ll automatically leap onto your lap because he thinks it’s an invite to cuddle.


I’ll sign off this blog for now and get back to my book 🙂

By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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