Our First Batch of Almond Milk

Almond MIlk

We made our first batch of almond milk here at The Henry Home. It’s delicious. We got our recipe over from this blog. Next time, I plan on adding more dates because I love the taste it adds. Also, for this batch, I doubled the recipe because I was too impatient. This resulted in my Ninja blender not being able to handle all that liquid and some  overflowing. Next time, I’ll do one cup of almonds at a time.

Almond Leftovers Since I had lots of leftover almond bits after straining the milk, I put them in one of my glass containers. I found some tips on what people do with their leftover almond meal. I settled on adding them to the morning veggie smoothies husband makes. I also add a little bit to my avocado when I have my midday snack.

It’s great having some almond meal on the side. I add it to snacks but I need to find recipes to make them into pancakes or something.

I decided to start making our own almond milk because at first, I thought it sounded fun. There was a restaurant I ate at in LA recently that prided themselves on fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. They also served their own homemade almond and cashew milk. The first time I had homemade almond milk, I thought it was delicious. It was way better than your brandname store-bought almond milk. That’s when I decided I’d like to try to make my own. I like the thought of being able to control how sweet my milk is, how I could adjust the flavoring myself, and knowing what ingredients went into my food.

A couple months later, I discovered the zero-waste movement and got on board. One way of me decreasing my trash (even by just a little bit) is making my own almond milk. This involves buying nuts in bulk and instead of using the plastic bulk bags provided, I bring my own homemade cloth bags. When I make the almond milk, I store it in reusable glass containers.

Plus, milk in glass containers look so pretty. My cupboards and refrigerator are slowly transforming to label-free storage. It’s a slow process but I’m glad to be starting it 🙂

Glass Containers

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