Baking: Rose Water Almond Tea Cookies

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What do you do when you have a ton of leftover almond meal (from making almond milk) and a bottle of rose water lying around? You bake Rose Water Cookies, of course.

After hunting around Google for awhile I finally decided to try out this Rose Water Almond Tea Cookies recipe. Full disclosure: I am not a professional nor am I a baker. I don’t create my own recipes but I am a great appreciator of people who are professional bakers and/or creators of recipes. But I am happy to try out recipes, especially unique baked goods such as this one.

Rose Almond Cookies_2

As you can tell in the pictures, my cookies were a little…flat. I must have done something wrong. I don’t think I left this refrigerated long enough. But what they don’t have in looks, they make up for in taste. They are so yummy. I love the taste of almonds and these cookies encompass just that. Plus, they have a hint of roses which added the perfect flavor.

Like I said, I got my almond meal from leftover almond milk. The rose water I got from a Jordanian market near where I live. This is why I love living in Southern California – it’s so diverse and you get to discover new things everyday. I had actually been hunting for rose water about a year ago because I heard great things about rose water toners for skin care. Flash forward to a few months later, after buying a condo in Orange County, I discovered a Jordanian market (Jordan has a special place in our heart – husband and I visited the country a couple years back to see a friend and his wife) which sold rose water. And amazing hummus and pita bread.

Rose Water

Here’s the brand I use. The recipe only called for a tablespoon so I’m still left with an almost-full bottle. Once I finish the current bottle of rose water toner I’m using, I’ll use the rest of this bottle to make more.

We decided to eat our cookies with, of course, a cup of almond milk.

Cookies with Milk

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Happy eating, everyone!

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