I Got a Bike!

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This past Saturday, the community we live in had a giant garage sale. Russ and I woke up at 7 am with the sole of purpose of a) finding me a bike and b) finding Russ a work desk chair. And…we were successful in both! And then some.

I love garage sales. It’s not just the deals, I like snooping and seeing things people have owned and want to get rid of. I also like looking at houses and dreaming that one day Russ and I will have a big family with a house to fit all the kids. But back to the garage sales. Other things we bought included: my new (old) bike, Russell’s desk chair, 3 wood bar stools, a puzzle, some fabric, and a travel-sized connect four game. We came home pretty happy and satisfied with our finds.

New Old Bike

I got this bike for $15. $15! The first bike I found had a ripped tire and ripped seat cushion which was being sold for $25. I hesitated then passed on it which I am so happy about because on the next street over, I found this gem.

For awhile now, I’ve been wanting to do my grocery shopping just through bike-riding. There’s a grocery store down the hill from where I live that I frequent. Getting there via bike will be easy (all down hill), but coming back home uphill with a bike full of groceries is definitely going to be a challenge. But it’ll just make me stronger 🙂

This bike is just the beginning. There’s a bunch of stuff I want to add on to it so I can actually transport groceries. Here’s a few ideas I gathered on the internet.

Inspiration Board_1

  1. Front Basket. I used to have a beach cruiser with a white wire basket. Russ and I were able to salvage the now rusty basket but I plan on spray painting it white again.
  2. Bike Pouch. I also want to sew a pouch to clasp on the middle of my bike. So instead of bringing a purse, I can just put my keys, phone, and wallet in there.
  3. Back Basket. I saw lots of pictures of people putting old milk crates to the back of their bike! How cute is this.
  4. Back Rack. This is a rack for the back of the bike. People will sometimes strap their items to it using a bungie cord or rope. But I want to get one because you need it in order to add more baskets (see #5).
  5. Back Baskets/Buckets. This means I’ll be able to bring home lots of groceries with just my bike. Hurray for less car usage!

I decided to blog about my bike so I can keep a record of my before and after progress. I’m so excited for this. I’ve been on eBay and Craigslist looking for bike accessories (I also want a bell!) to deck this bike out. I am hoping to make good progress on upgrading this bike by mid-spring. Wish me luck!

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