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Dried Flowers Spring Decor

Spring is my favorite season. I love the flowers and the greenery. It’s also the season Russ and I got married. When it hits April, I’ll just be swooning.

Since I’m all for cost-friendly home decor, I was determined not to spend a lot of money revamping our home for spring. It was a success. I had lots of dried flowers on hand. That is because any bouquets or foliage I got in the wintertime, I saved and dried in hopes that they’ll make it to spring. These flowers have just been chilling on my windowsills, hanging upside down, and drying. 

Dried Flowers Kinds

The eucalyptus leaves we collected from around our complex. We have lots of eucalyptus trees around us so it wasn’t hard getting these leaves. And they’re so pretty. The baby’s breath bouquet was from my trip to the LA Flower District, and the smaller white flower bunch is from Trader Joe’s I got a few weeks back.

For winter, I had dried oranges hanging from the branch on my mantel. (Here’s a post with pictures of it.) I decided I liked the bohemian look of the branch so I kept the branch and decided to hang my dried flowers from it.

Dried Flowers

Step 1: Dry flowers. Some dry better than others. I’ve learned from experience that roses dry well. So do baby’s breath. I suggest doing a simple Google search for which seasonal and local flowers you can dry.

Step 2: Tie them. I used twine but if you want them to appear as if they’re hanging invisibly, you can use fishing wire.

Step 3: Tie them to your branch. I found my branch on a hike. You can also use wooden poles from Home Depot if you don’t have fallen branches handy.

And you’re done! It’s really that simple. The longest part of this process is drying the flowers which is why I chose to dry them over the winter.

Hanging Dried Flowers_2

I really like how our living room currently looks like. You can never have too many plants…

spring living room

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