End of March Life Summary

Hello! This blog has been neglected because lots of big events happened in March. Here’s a quick recap of these said events:

Monday, March 21
My little brother turned 19! And as is with Filipino culture, he took us all out to dinner and paid. We ate at a steakhouse so James ended up using his entire paycheck to pay for us. Welcome to adulthood, little brother!

Thursday, March 24
My brother-in-law got married! I cried a lot, I smiled a lot, I laughed a lot. It was a wonderful day seeing two great people marry each other. They had a photobooth during the reception so here are some fun pics:

Bridesmaids + Russell

Cousins: Jimmie & Russ
Cousins: Jimmie & Russ
Me and Russ; we’ll cut out the kissing picture because no one needs to see that haha

Sunday, March 27

Easter! And Russell’s birthday! I baked Russ a cake (funfetti cake with chocolate frosting – this is a tradition that apparently can’t be broken) and we celebrated at church. Since it was Easter, our church was doing a potluck so it worked out that we were able to share a dinner with friends. We celebrated with my family by taking them out to dinner the next evening.

Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday

Russell Bday2
Russell being put in “jail” by Anastasia on his birthday. Womp womp

Russ and KatRussell Bday3My family singing Russ happy birthday. PS – check out that sweet manbun in the making.

March went by faster than expected. I can’t believe it’s April – my favorite month! 🙂 We’ll be celebrating three years this month…three years of being married. Wow. Time goes by too fast. And that’s how I know I’m getting old: when I say cheesy stuff like that. Signing out now. ‘Till next time!

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