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I’m sure many of you know this already, but Russ and I have a little Etsy account where we sell wooden home decor and jewelry. Once in a while, we’ll do art and craft shows and sell a few of our things. I enjoy these shows because we get to meet people who actually buy our things (still geeking out about that). We also meet a lot of people who don’t buy anything but say very kind things about our work. Both bring so much joy to our hearts. Believe me, we’re not making a load of money off of this – if anything, it just helps sustain Russell’s woodworking hobby (which is a blessing!). It’s a great side hobby that also helps us meet new people.

This year, my goal was to do more of these art shows in an effort to meet more customers and get our name out there. There’s something about being a vendor at a craft fair and being in a creative environment filled with other artisans. Years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to see myself doing this. There’s also something about being married to Russell that sets my creative spirit free. At the start of April, we joined an art walk in Downtown Santa Ana. It was a fairly small art fair but there was a lot of foot traffic. We sold about half of our things which is more than I expected (I was hoping we would sell just one). Here’s a few pics from the show.

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Spot the Man Bun
Man Bun

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These mini dried flower magnets usually get some love. I like making these. It’s very therapeutical painting the blocks then arranging dried flowers in them.

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We shared the booth with one of our friends – it was her first time selling in an art fair and she enjoyed it. We’ll be doing the Santa Ana Art Walk again in June 🙂

Currently, we are building more planters and planting more succulents for a show coming up at the end of April. For this show, we decided we’ll also put out some of my sewn items to see if they’ll sell. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Fabric Planter Drawstring Pouches Variety

Fabric planters, drawstring pouches, and little fabric wallets/business card holders. It’s been so much fun digging out a whole bunch of fabric and putting these together.

We’ll also be doing another show in August at an Art Crawl in Anaheim. Show prep requires a lot of work and time but being at the actual show always makes it worth it.

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