Farmer’s Market Haul

When Russ and I took a day off for our anniversary, we mostly walked around San Diego to visit random sites and eat lots of food. One of the stops we had was unplanned but I really wanted to look around – it was a street fair farmer’s market. I am a sucker of homegrown food and handmade items so we decided to look around.

We didn’t buy any produce but we did walk away with a great (small) haul. Here they are:

Laundry Detergent  

Got Russ some natural deodorant because it scares me to know how many chemicals are in deodorant – and it goes directly into your skin and soaks into your pores in order to stop sweat. So instead, why not go natural?

This one is from a family who have a little farm in inland San Diego. I don’t think this is my (or Russell’s) favorite natural deodorant brand, because it actually seeps through your shirt and leaves a white mark. But I do like the man we met when buying this. He was very genuine about his products.



Natural laundry detergent! From the same family whom we bought the deodorant from. I’ve been wanting to make my own but when I saw they sold this 16 oz one for only $8, I bought it. This is in a Tea Tree scent and it’s amazing.

The smell doesn’t really stick to the clothes. I noticed that after the laundry, it smells like tea tree. But if I put it through the dryer, it looses its scent. I’ll have to try hang-drying my clothes to see if it keeps its scent because I like the smell of tea tree.

After I finish this bag, I still want to make my own in an effort to continue to do my zero-waste journey. We’ll see.

And now, for my favorite purchase:


How cool is this Mexican blanket?? The person we bought this from said his family in Mexico makes these. And looking through the pictures he posted of the process they had, and looking at their website, I was so happy to see that’s it’s eco-friendly and handmade on a loom. So cool. We splurged on the large blanket but it was money well spent.

I mean, even Lewis loved it.


There’s a slit in the middle that allows you to put your umbrella stand through it if you use it as a beach blanket. On their website, there’s also people wearing it like a poncho by putting their head through the slit. Love this. Hooray for reusable, fashion-friendly means as well!

Colorful Blanket

I like how comfortable it is. It also has a strap built around it so you can carry it places. Here’s their website to check them out.

Mexican Blanket

That’s my farmer’s market haul. Until next time!

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