We’re Going to Thailand!

In a bit of a somewhat spontaneous move, Russ and I booked tickets to Thailand. We won’t be leaving until September but we are so excited. We’re getting the travel fever after not being on a plane for more than six months and we wanted to go somewhere that was affordable, and hopefully somewhere we hadn’t been to before.

We're going!
We’re going!

After looking at several plane tickets in and around the United States, we realized that most destinations were either 1) expensive, or b) a place we’ve visited prior. I don’t know how I ended up looking up tickets to South East Asia, but it happened. When I saw roundtrip tickets to Thailand were less than $500, I quickly told Russ. Then in typical Henry over-excitement, we booked the tickets.

Anyways, September is rainy season in Thailand which is part of the reason why tickets there are so cheap during that month, and why nice hotels spring affordable deals on you. But after reading several travel blogs and forums, I deducted that rainy season in Thailand is something I can handle after being born in Philippines and experiencing rainy season there.

I’ve always wanted to visit Thailand ever since following a few blog travelers in their journey there. I can’t believe summer is here and that September will be here before we know it. Until next time!


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