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Okay, I’ve been slacking on blogging but I promise (soon-ish) that I’ll get back on track. There’s just so much to do! Rearrange our entire home, prepare a nursery, research baby items, go on many dates before baby, etc. But enough excuses, I need to write more consistently 🙂


To be honest, since finding out about the baby, I’ve turned into a hermit. I did not realize how much unsolicited baby advice you receive once people find out your pregnant. Not that I’m not thankful – I appreciate many people’s input…when it’s done with sincerity and love. A lot of the time, I find that I get advice thrown at me just for the sake of people throwing advice. It gets overwhelming. But I’m slowly learning how to nod and let things go. I only take advice from a handful of people I know and trust (like my mom who birthed and raised 3 kids successfully, or my OB who is a paid professional). I write all of this because I’m still trying to seek balance. Either way, this kid is coming next year and I know people are just excited and it usually comes out in forms of advice.

In other news, after multiple headaches–and let’s be honest, crying sessions–with dealing with our health insurance, I finally found a consistent OBGYN doctor to see for the rest of my pregnancy. We were stressed out for the first half of this pregnancy since we had to keep switching doctors and that inconsistency made me nervous for my baby. I even went almost 2 months without seeing a doctor because my health insurance couldn’t find a doctor in my network within my area. I had to call multiple times and explain that this baby isn’t waiting and needs to be seen by a doctor and why do I pay my insurance every month for practically no coverage?! But! we saw the the doctor yesterday and the baby is growing at a healthy rate. I was overjoyed. Praise God.

So, we have gender news! We found out the gender of the baby a few weeks back and our friend did us a favor and took a quick gender reveal photoshoot for us. Without further ado, Baby Henry is a…

img_7844img_7887 img_7861

Since finding out about the pregnancy, I had a strong inkling it was a boy. Mom’s intuition, I guess? We’re so excited for this little man to come into our lives, turn it upside down in the best way possible, and leave us tired at the end of the day but so grateful that we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’re praying for you, son. We pray that you grow up into a man of God, that you have courage and humility but also a gentle spirit. We are so blessed.


By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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