BLOGMAS (Dec. 10 & 11) | Babysitting Ezekiel & Christmas Trees

Welcome to another blogmas post! I decided to combine two days in one post so I can catch up on blomas.

Saturday, December 10
On Saturday, Russ and I headed over to my parents’ house because they were babysitting my nephew, Ezekiel, and we wanted to see him. He’s the cutest and sweetest baby. He fell asleep on me twice and oh my gosh, it’s enough to melt your heart. It made me so excited for our own baby coming in March. If this is how I feel about my own nephew, I will be over the moon when I hold my own son. I can’t wait. I would post pictures of how cute Ezekiel is but I don’t feel comfortable posting other people’s baby’s photos on here without asking first. But if you have me on Snapchat, I’m sure you’ve seen the million snaps I’ve  uploaded of him.

Sunday, December 11
On Sunday, Russell preached at church and did awesome! That’s one big event crossed off our December calendar. His brother, Joe, came to listen to him speak then afterwards we had dinner with him. When Joe left to go home, Russ and I decided to walk around a Christmas tree lot that was nearby.

It’s these kind of activities that get us excited about baby (can you tell that all we have on our minds is this baby? It’s overshadowed Christmas). It’ll be sweet and lovely doing all these same activities again next year but with a little kid. While on the tree lot, we talked about how we want a little tree next year so because it’ll just be too darn cute if we posed our baby next to it. I also took a liking to these skinny tall trees:

Naked Trees!

They’re so funky that I want them. But they were also over $300 each so I’m okay with passing on them and getting a tiny tree next year 🙂

I will try to take pictures of my tree this week so I can blog about it soon. It’s a simple tree this year but it fits our home. Blog more tomorrow!


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