Christmas Decorations

Hello! We love Christmas over here at the Henry Home so I decided to dedicate a post on our Christmas decor. Now, this post will mostly focus on our tree since I haven’t gone full-blown Christmas decorating. This is because of my pregnancy and how the thought of this baby being born in March just consumes our minds. For the first time ever, seasonal home decor have taken a back seat. But it’s all good – we were still able to get a few decorations out.

This year, I decided to try my hand in DIY ornaments. At the beginning of November, Michael’s had a giant sale and I bought a pack of clear ornaments. After that holiday buying binge, I decided this needed to be the last year I buy ornaments. What’s great about the clear ornaments is that I can customize them every year. Also, I am dreaming of the day that I can have my future kids help me customize these ornaments and will love it if they fill it up with sand or legos or whatnots.

They look better in person

For the ornaments this year, I decided to put dried flowers and foliage in them. What I did wrong however, is that I used already dried flowers I had on hand. My suggestion if you try this is to use fresh flowers or foliage and to just let them dry inside the ornament. Trying to stuff dried flowers into a small hole in an ornament just means breaking a lot of the fragile stems. I also stuffed cotton balls in some of them because the white of the cotton helps the flowers stand out more.

My faves

Every year, Russ and I try to make an ornament to reflect the past year. Here are two of my faves. The one on the left is from 2013 (the year we got married) and the one on the right is from 2016 (the year we found out we were pregnant). We have a picture from my wedding day and a picture from one of the baby’s ultrasound. Love.

I wanted my tree more neutral this year. We mostly stuck with the clear ornaments I made then used up all the white ornaments I had from last year. We also had some white snowflakes from previous years. I also had a bunch of white star garlands I was making for the baby’s room so Russ wrapped those around the tree for now. I like the simplicity of our tree.

I’ve written about my gift wrapping on a previous post. The presents look lovely under the tree. Our tree skirt is a thick flannel blanket we have that we wrapped around the bottom of the tree.

We have lights wrapped around the tree and a few lights on our mantel. That’s about the extent of our decorating this year but it’s working out well.

By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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