Nursery and Name Reveal!

I figured it was time to blog about the nursery. As we await the arrival of our baby, here’s an update of what I’ve been up to: Project Nursery.

I’ve cleaned and organized, emptied and reorganized, vacuumed, re-vacuumed – over and over again. Seriously, the baby needs to get here already because there’s only so many ways you can organize baby socks. Anyways, the room we used as the nursery is (Was? Still is) the guest bedroom. Here’s the first time I blogged about the Guest Room and how we designed it when we first moved in: Virtual Home Tour: The Guest Room.

After doing all of that, about a year later we decided to make it into a baby room when we found out about our pregnancy. It wasn’t a big project to take on since Russ and I are always switching up our room decor. But it was a slow process since it took me awhile to collect the furniture for the nursery. So let’s start the blog.

Changing Table & Crib

Let me start with the changing table and crib.

I knew I wanted a normal dresser and not a baby changing table. I wanted something versatile. Then, there was the cost. New dressers were expensive! Especially the modern, sleek kinds I wanted. However, I have no problems buying used or getting thrifty which lead to me hunting garage sales and Craigslist for a couple months.

Finally, one early morning, I happened to check Craigslist and this dresser was just posted…for $10. I immediately emailed the guy and he said if I could pick it up later that afternoon, it was mine. (Back story on the guy selling it: his roommate just moved out and left a bunch of his stuff so the guy was selling his ex-roommate’s stuff for really cheap. Not sure if there was bad blood there but it was a good deal for me).

Above the changing table is the branch that used to hang above our fireplace in our living room. I used to switch it up with different decor until we got a TV. You can see it here and here and here. Once we got the TV, I still wanted to keep the branch so Russell tied some heavy duty rope around it and hung it above the dresser. I sewed a bunch of star garlands and draped them down the stick. There’s also a basket on the table filled with newborn diapers, wipes, toys, and burp cloths for easy grabbing.

Here’s a quick look into our drawers – the ones I keep organizing and reorganizing.

Cloth Diapers

The first drawer is filled with cloth diapers. Maybe I’ll blog about this someday but I try not to get into talking about cloth diapers too much. Anyways, they take up a whole drawer. We’ll start using them as soon as baby is big enough to fit them. But during my recovery period, I will be using disposables.

Second drawers are filled with tons of baby clothes. Baby is blessed to have an older boy cousin who has already given him a ton of baby items and clothes. The third drawer I’m still trying to keep relatively empty since I’m sure we’ll be getting more baby things once baby arrives.

The crib is also second hand (cribs are expensive!). I found this great brand of a crib (normally sold at Target for about $400) for $50 on Craigslist. The lady selling it was so kind and she even gave me her organic soy baby mattress (not sure what that means, but cool!). What I love about it is the storage underneath. The drawer has already been filled up with all the blankets he’s received at baby showers.

Now onto my future “nursing corner”.

The rocking chair we scored at a garage sale for $10. It was beige but Russell sanded it then painted it white. We bought a cushion for it, I sewed a pillow and blanket for it. Then from advice from my sis-in-law, I also made/sewed padded arm rests in case our baby starts getting squirmy. The pouf, I’ve blogged about already. The Rock ‘n Play was gifted to us by Russell’s best friend who is a couple months ahead of us with a baby and knows what the essentials are.

I think I’ve blogged already about Russell making these baby book shelves. The wicker side table, I found at a garage sale which my mom bought for me for $2. The Buzz Lightyear toy on it belonged to Russell when he was little. We also have a wicker basket on the floor filled with more books. If you look closely, you can see the first 2 illustrated Harry Potter books which some of my childhood friends gifted me at my baby shower. This kid is so loved already!


Our son has so many stuffed animals already. I hope he likes them and I can’t wait to see which ones he’ll grow attached to. Russell joked that he might be getting more attached to the stuffed animals and our son isn’t even here yet to play with them. But to even out all the stuffed animals displayed on our windowsill, I placed a plant. Because Russ and I love plants.

And now the “guest” part of our room.

Here’s our sofa bed! It’s also proof that not everything in our room is just for baby. We’re sure we’ll be able to host family and friends once we’ve adjusted to the parent life. But for now, we’re draping our sofa bed with baby boy themed things. The blanket was crocheted by Russell’s grandma, the pillows were sewed by me, and the sign above the couch was painted by Russell when we first got married. The little dream catcher was from Russell’s uncle who is one of the coolest environmentalist I know.

And now for my little work area – where I do my blogging and freelance work:

Door view

You can find me in the back corner of the baby room 🙂 It works fine for me since I only work a few hours a week. This is also where I store my sewing cart. Russell joked that I don’t ever have to leave the baby room since everything I need, including a bed and work area is in here already, haha.

Now the closet:

I won’t show you the inside of the closet since that can be a post all on its own. But here’s a mirror view of the room. Side note, how cool is this lion clock?! Our friends bought us this handcrafted clock because of our son’s name meaning. They have been one of the most helpful and supportive friends during this pregnancy. It’s nice having friends who are a couple steps ahead of you life stage-wise and who can offer you sincere advice and encouragement. Thank you Jenn and Dan!

Now, for the name reveal. We told our friends and family already but haven’t broadcasted it on social media. I figured not a lot of people read my blog so it doesn’t hurt to put it on here.

Ari Henry 

I’m a little hesitant to put his full name on here but if you know me, just ask 🙂

In Hebrew, Ari means Lion of God. I know there are other meanings for it depending on what you look up, but we went with the Hebrew meaning since that’s the one that resonated with us. As our first child, we wanted to give him a strong name and a name for our hope in him. We also wanted to name him after the season of life we were in when we found out about our pregnancy.

Russell and I started our own business a little over a year ago and needless to say, starting your own business is stressful. We were stressed financially and mentally, but somehow God carried us through it. We always made mortgage payments even though we had no idea how we would get the money month-to-month. God is so good to us.

However, when we found out about the baby, I was so stressed out. July was an even harder month for us money-wise and our medical insurance was all over the place. It was hard for me to see an OB consistently, which I heard was not good during 1st trimester since that’s the trimester you want to make sure anything irregular with the pregnancy is caught. I cried a lot 1st trimester because of hormones and stress. I remember one time just crying so hard in bed because I couldn’t find an OB that would accept our health insurance. Russell was doing his best to reassure me but I just kept thinking “I don’t want to loose this baby. I don’t want to loose this baby.” I heard so many things about how you need to be not stressed during 1st trimester because stress can harm the baby. But I had no idea how to calm down when 1) we were running low on savings, 2) we didn’t know how to get mortgage for the next coming month, 3) how to find an OB with the pretty much useless insurance we had back then, and 4) how to not let all these factors stress me out so that I can keep the baby healthy.

It was a hard 1st trimester. I even went almost 2 months not seeing an OB (even after calling our insurance and calling every OB that supposedly accepted our insurance, I was still unable to find a doctor within my area). All I could do was pray that the baby was okay. And I want to emphasize that God is good because He heard the quiet, scared prayers of this soon-to-be mom. I somehow found a great doctor through my old insurance. When my OB checked up on the baby, everything was on track. All my blood tests came back great. I had great blood pressure. The baby moved during ultrasounds. Basically, everything was perfect with the baby. And looking back on it now, as I near my due date, I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy with no complications at all. We were amazed at how fierce this baby is, and how God gave us a child that would not be affected by my stress levels. We just thought, this baby is strong. So we wanted to dedicate his name to the grace we received during this pregnancy. We just hope that when Ari learns about his name meaning when he’s older, that our hope for him was that he becomes a strong warrior for the Lord. That he is the result of Russ and I trying for over a year for a kid, and God finally giving us a baby during the most stressful time in our lives just so He can show us how He sustains and provides us what we need, when we need.

So there you have it. Ari. The most beautiful name we can give our first born son.

By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.


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