39.5 Week Update

Yup, still pregnant! Hopefully this will be the last pregnancy update…hehe. Bonus: this post is being published on Russell’s birthday! Let’s see if our son decides to come out on his dad’s birthday to say hello 🙂

Baby’s due date is fast approaching and he still isn’t here yet. You can say Russ and I are excited. Everyday, we wake up and wonder if this is the day he’ll make his appearance. It feels like this is the first lesson in parenthood – that you won’t be able to control your child. The baby will come when the baby comes. And that’s okay, but we’re so excited!

Other baby updates:

Symptoms: Have gotten quite a few contractions already, but nothing consistent enough that we felt the need to head to the hospital. Here’s to hoping that we’ll get some that turn into active labor sometime this week.
Cravings: Nothing really. But been eating a ton of pineapple, dates, spicy foods, and anything to try to get this baby out.
Baby is: The size of a watermelon (!!!)

Other happenings:

Laguna Beach

One great thing about waiting for this baby to show and purposely blocking out our calendars to have no plans is that we get to go on lots of dates. I mean, most of our dates are just going on hours-long walks to get baby to come out, but they’re still quality time dates which I am loving. I’m excited to become a family of three but at the same time I’m treasuring all this time I get with just Russell. I’m all for building a strong marriage in order to have a strong family in the future.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Russ! I love you lots and lots and love the man you’ve become. Ari is a lucky kid to have  a cool, hip, pasto dad 😉

By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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