Ari at 3 Months

My kid is 3 months old! As much as I love documenting Ari’s monthly milestone, I also do this for me. I may as well title this post: I’ve made it as a mom for 3 months so far! Yay!

This past month, Ari has discovered his voice. As exciting as this is, he has taken a liking to screaming. Bored, screams. Excited, screams. Hungry, screams. You get the picture. He’s also becoming familiar with me and Russell’s faces and voices. When other people hold him, he’ll sometimes look at me and it melts my heart. I think he knows that I’m his mom!

We also have somewhat of a slight routine. I know, I know, don’t count on routines with babies. But respectively, this 3 month mark has been way more doable than say his 3 week mark. Like, he gets tired around 7 – 8 PM so we know to put him down to bed by 8:30 PM. AND he’s been sleeping 6 hour stretches for 3 nights in a row now. Hallelujah. This is a huge milestone. I feel sane. His feeding schedule is more spaced out now. My milk has regulated so I’m not constantly dealing with wet shirts. Ari coos and smiles more and he’s done his first laugh! This month is filled with a lot of fun milestones and I’m so thankful.

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By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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