Things I’m Making: Christmas Edition

Hello! Here’s a quick, somewhat messy update on a few things I’ve made for the home this holiday season.

Let’s start of with Christmas pillows. Because, I can’t help it. I’m always changing out the covers on our throw pillows and more often than not, I’m making new ones instead of reusing…oops. I’m trying to get better at reusing. The blue one is from last year but the red and beige ones are new.

I like the flaps on this one
Front and Back

I ran out of the Christmas tree fabric so for the back of one of my Christmas tree pillows, I had to improvise. I kind of like how chaotic and colorful it is. And patched up with buttons to keep it together. Oh gosh, this pillow is becoming a metaphor for my life. Moving on.

Ari’s Christmas stocking!

This is also chaotic and fun. Russ helped me pick out the fabric for Ari’s stocking and I took some leftover felt I had and used it for his name. One day, I’ll make us matching family Christmas stockings but for now, this (again) represents our messy, chaotic, yet fun and beautiful lives.

Our mismatched stockings. Russell’s was made by his mom when he was younger. Mines was given to me by my aunt. And there’s Ari’s 🙂

Here’s a quick snapshot of the mantel and living room. Don’t mind the cords and baby toys. I couldn’t be bothered to clean those up today. But once again, here’s our lives. Thanks for reading!

By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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