Family Florida Trip

Henry Family (Sarasota, FL)

Traveling with a kid always makes me anxious but I do believe it’s always worth it at the end. I had spent most of January worrying about the plane ride to and from Florida since it would be the longest plane ride we’ve ever done with Ari. Well, the travel came and went and I can say we made some pretty great family memories in Florida. 

Rules are for breaking: we let Ari watch TV on the plane. Side note, he loves Elmo

Russ and I decided to visit Florida so we can spend some family time with Russell’s side of the family. Okay guys, traveling with a kid is hard, but I still end up traveling with Ari. Why? Because it’s more fun that it is hard. One of the best things about this trip was seeing everyone love on Ari. Ari is the first grandkid/nephew on Russell’s side of the family so that kid got spoiled. We didn’t go to Disneyworld while we were in Florida but you would think we did if you saw all the toys and gifts we brought back with us. Russell and I ended up having to get another check-in luggage to carry home all the clothes and toys Ari was gifted.

Uncle Joe & Auntie Kristen

Practicing Walking

We spent the first few nights at Russell’s dad’s house and the last three nights at Russell’s brother’s house. Grandpa busted out a lot of the fun things. When we got there, there was a slide in the yard. There was a child’s table seat ready. Ari had a welcome banner and his crib set up. Again, Ari was spoiled–Russ and I simply benefitted from all his spoils.

3 Generations!

We love Russell’s dad’s (aka Grandpa) house. I’d been before back in 2015 and it was nice to revisit again. Russell has been to this house a few more times more than me due to work, so this house already feels like home.

Joe and Kristen recently became homeowners and their house was also amazing. It was definitely cozy and homey. Ari loved being able to play indoors and outdoors. I mean, look how scenic their house is?!

In addition to Ari being spoiled, I think Russell was glad to be able to have some brother and dad time as well. It’s always fun to see the Henrys get together because 1) they’re all so tall and 2) because when they’re together, they’re goofy side comes out more.

Ice Cream
Tobacco Pipes

Ice cream and tobacco pipes–childhood and adulthood all in one. You see what I mean about tall? Joe and Kristen’s house has a pool and a hot tub and you can bet Russell loved that. Being in their home felt like a vacation. It was restful and peaceful.

First time in one of these types of carts!
Hardcore chillin

Overall, it was a great trip to take with a kid. Russell and I enjoyed spending time with family and Ari enjoyed seeing and playing with lots of people everyday. As for the transition back home…oof. Naps were hard once we got back and we had to re-sleep train. Still! I don’t want that to overshadow our Florida trip. It was definitely worth it.

Until next time Florida…:)

By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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