Things I am Sewing

Boy Toddler Rompers
Vintage Pattern
Dress for my niece, Eliana

I’ve finally been brave enough to dive into sewing clothes. It started with basic “pillow case” dresses for my niece, Eliana, which then branched off into trying to make clothes for Ari and Baby #2. I finally found a boy toddler pattern for a romper (there are so many girl dress patterns but barely any boy patterns out there) and have been able to make some cute clothes for Baby #2 which I am hoping fits him. I also have another romper all cut out and ready to sew for Ari’s size but I have been so distracted with all the other things that I want to sew that I haven’t circled back to it yet.

I have also bought a couple vintage patterns for me because I want to try to make my own clothes. Eek! As you can see in the second picture above, I bought a pattern that can be for overalls or dresses. I am so excited to try this out. I cut out the pattern already. I plan on sewing the dress before giving birth and I hope to fit into the dress a couple months postpartum. If this dress works out, I want to try the overalls. Russell pointed out that it’s very Mamma Mia-esque which I am so happy about because yay! I love that movie (the first one, second one was okay). 

Other than that, I’ve been sewing my usual bags/pouches that go up on my Etsy shop. I will have had this Etsy shop for a year now this coming November! The sales may look little but I am so thankful for it because it really does fund my sewing-related purchases, so at least my sewing hobby is self sustainable which is great.

Cloth napkins

I’ve heard about the Sew Your Stash challenge for sewers and quilters and I have been trying to sew through my fabrics. These two fabrics in particular I love but they’ve been sitting in my stash for awhile so I decided to make them into snack sized cloth napkins. This way 1) I get to see the happy fabrics often in my napkin holder, 2) they now have a use, and 3) even more cloth napkins for the house and even less paper waste for us. We’ve had cloth dinner sized napkins for about a couple years now as well as unpaper towels, and since making those, I haven’t bought paper towels or paper napkins. It’s a really great and easy switch to make in your kitchen/dining room if you’re looking to make less waste and/or save some money.

Throw Pillows

Still up to my usual sewing go-tos like throw pillows. Finally made some floral throw pillow covers for the bedroom because I had to wash our older monochrome ones.


I’ve been into trying to make backpacks lately. The one on the left is on my Etsy shop and is one of the first backpack patterns I tried out. The one on the left is from a pattern I bought. It was okay – the straps were not adjustable and making it broke about 7 of my sewing machine needles. I remade it with a different fabric and adjustable straps which I was pretty proud of but that one I am gifting to my cousin. I am going to take apart and redo the backpack in the picture on the right. My plan is to sew adjustable straps on that one as well as rip out the old fabric liner inside and put a waterproof liner instead. I’m hoping to make it into my new diaper backpack for when the baby comes. 🙂

Fabric Stash

I talked about sewing through my fabric stash so here’s a shot of when I organized and cleaned out my stash. I have a lot to get through but I have so many things I want to sew! Also, on a completely different topic, we have been reorganizing our room, Ari’s room, and the living room to make room for Baby #2. I might share pictures of what our condo looks like once we get everything into place. Here’s to hoping we actually finish before the baby comes!

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By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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