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Bohemian Orange Garland

Bohemian Orange Garland

Now that the Christmas decorations have gone and past, I wanted to decorate the living room with a winter theme. I exchanged red pillow cases in favor of some white and gray ones as well as took down my red and white curtains and put up white and gray ones. I dug out blue candles and placed them around for some accent pieces so I wouldn’t be stuck with dreary gray and white.


My Reading Corner

We’ve been getting some rain in Southern California – much needed during this drought season. Many of our house plants are outside and soaking in the water while I’m inside staying dry and reading a ton of books. And I mean a ton. I’m averaging to a book a day and I’m still going strong. I’ll go through reading bursts where all I want to do is read read read then all of a sudden, I stop. Then it’ll be months before I can get myself started on another book.

Anyways, since it’s been raining outside and I’ve been keeping warm inside, I figured this would be a good opportunity to show you all my nice slice of heaven: my reading corner.

Reading Corner

In the corner of my living room, snuggled up next to my fireplace.


Visiting Chicago & Champaign

Husband and I got to experience how Chicago does the holidays. Living in Southern California, we get in the holiday spirit. We make do with what we have. Sometimes Husband and I put lights around our palm trees. And I thought we did pretty well. But visiting Chicago…it puts us to shame. There were lights everywhere! Decorations everywhere! All the shops got into it. Giant Christmas trees! And not to mention, the cold. When we got there, our Uber driver told us how unusually warm it was in Chicago that week considering it was December. As our driver told us this, I was shivering in my big winter coat and multiple layers. Please excuse the Philippines-born /California-raised girl. Anything in the 60s and lower makes me cringe.

We were able to travel with my brother and his wife. We spent two days in Chicago, where we did lots of eating, then went over to Champaign to see family, where we did even more eating. Ah, holidays and family.

Can’t go to Chicago without a Bean shot.