BLOGMAS (Dec. 19) | More Holiday Things

Guess what? I did more baking on Monday. Surprise, surprise. We were going to have some Christmas dinner with a few friends on Monday night so I decided to make presents for our friends. This year has been interesting in that we were able to make it a full year on freelancer salaries but it… Continue reading BLOGMAS (Dec. 19) | More Holiday Things

BLOGMAS (Dec. 17 & 18) | Pie Social & Resting

This weekend was split evenly between doing a million things and doing nothing. See below. Saturday, December 17 Saturday was filled with lots of baking. I think once the holidays pass, I’m going to take a sabbatical on baking. I’m all baked out. If you’ve been keeping up on my blogmas posts, on Thursday I… Continue reading BLOGMAS (Dec. 17 & 18) | Pie Social & Resting

BLOGMAS (Dec. 8) | Dinner with Friends

Hello there! To help increase the holiday spirit, I decided to jump in and do Blogmas for the whole month of December. For those of you not familiar, it’s basically when bloggers and vloggers record their everyday doings through their respective creative outlets for the month of December. So here’s my first post…better late than… Continue reading BLOGMAS (Dec. 8) | Dinner with Friends


When your husband’s grandma asks you to trim her rosemary tree and to take all the extra rosemary, you do it. When Russ and I went on our Anniversary Road Trip, one of the stops we made was in Oroville where his grandparents live. His grandma has a magical green thumb, where she is able… Continue reading Rosemary