Oh Boy Times Three

Hello there. I had this post drafted and saved on here for awhile but never published it. I deleted all of it except for this ultrasound picture because all of it was bitter while trying not to be bitter, ha. I’ve written a new post in retrospect of the past few months and I feel… Continue reading Oh Boy Times Three

27 Week Pregnancy Update!

Remember when I used to do pregnancy updates when I was pregnant with Ari? Well, here’s my first pregnancy update for baby #2! It won’t so much be a pregnancy update than an update. But it’s related to pregnancy, so now we’re back to pregnancy update. Okay, I’ll just get on with it. This baby… Continue reading 27 Week Pregnancy Update!

Our Family

I haven’t had the energy to want to blog as much because changes are happening… Yup! We’re expecting baby #2 on November 2018! We also found out a couple weeks ago that…IT’S A BOY!! Will blog more once I am out of the exhausted phase of this pregnancy. 🙂

39.5 Week Update

Yup, still pregnant! Hopefully this will be the last pregnancy update…hehe. Bonus: this post is being published on Russell’s birthday! Let’s see if our son decides to come out on his dad’s birthday to say hello 🙂 Baby’s due date is fast approaching and he still isn’t here yet. You can say Russ and I… Continue reading 39.5 Week Update