Nursery and Name Reveal!

I figured it was time to blog about the nursery. As we await the arrival of our baby, here’s an update of what I’ve been up to: Project Nursery. I’ve cleaned and organized, emptied and reorganized, vacuumed, re-vacuumed – over and over again. Seriously, the baby needs to get here already because there’s only so many… Continue reading Nursery and Name Reveal!

32 Week Pregnancy Update

Only 8 weeks left!!! Time to FREAK OUT. Here’s a summary of what’s happening. Symptoms: Heartburn, not much appetite, still sore hips, peeing frequently Cravings:  Milk, ice cream, cheese, all the dairy How’s baby? I’m amazed by how often he hiccups. And also, how much he dislikes it when my belly touches a hard surface (i.e.… Continue reading 32 Week Pregnancy Update

30 Week Pregnancy Update

I did it! I made it to the milestone known as the 30 week pregnancy mark. Cue the anxiety and the excitement! I’ve been watching videos on YouTube for the past few weeks and listening to different women’s 30 week pregnancy updates. Everyone looks so cheerful and hopeful at 30 weeks. Then I watch their… Continue reading 30 Week Pregnancy Update