Life in Pictures

Nursery and Name Reveal!

I figured it was time to blog about the nursery. As we await the arrival of our baby, here’s an update of what I’ve been up to: Project Nursery.

I’ve cleaned and organized, emptied and reorganized, vacuumed, re-vacuumed – over and over again. Seriously, the baby needs to get here already because there’s only so many ways you can organize baby socks. Anyways, the room we used as the nursery is (Was? Still is) the guest bedroom. Here’s the first time I blogged about the Guest Room and how we designed it when we first moved in: Virtual Home Tour: The Guest Room.

After doing all of that, about a year later we decided to make it into a baby room when we found out about our pregnancy. It wasn’t a big project to take on since Russ and I are always switching up our room decor. But it was a slow process since it took me awhile to collect the furniture for the nursery. So let’s start the blog. (more…)

Baby Shower!

We had our baby shower on the first Saturday of February. It was amazing and fun and exactly like how I imagined it would be. A few of my friends planned and arranged the shower – it all came out so beautifully. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Oh, before I do, I should note that these pictures were taken by one of our friends who did so voluntarily for fun and they turned out amazing.


Life Updates, iPhone edition

Hello! I figure it’s time for a rapid-fire update when I scroll through my photo reel and see a bunch of events I didn’t write about. So here they are, in summary form.

IMG_4299 IMG_4300

At the end of May, my friend graduated and got her bachelor’s degree! I also got to see my godson. I love these photos of us because it’s rare to get all of us in one place, much less in the same shot.  (more…)

Anniversary Road Trip

For husband and I’s anniversary trip, we decided to do a road trip. I’ve lived in California most of my life but I had yet to explore the part of California that is north of San Francisco and Sacramento. So we decided to do a leisure drive down the California coast for our trip!

Here was our map: Reno > Oroville > Redding > Redwood Forest > San Francisco > Monterrey > Big Sur > Santa Barbara > Orange County (more…)

Our Third Year Anniversary, In Pictures

Wedding Day

Russ and I celebrated our three year anniversary yesterday. I can’t believe it’s been three years. Time seriously flies by with this man.

We decided to not do any of our freelance work that day, and to take time off and spend quality time with each other. After three years, quality time is still my love language. Can’t get enough of my husband. Since we’re doing a road trip next week (Eeee!), we did a local trip to San Diego. Here are some pictures of our day. (more…)