Life in Pictures

Anniversary Road Trip

For husband and I’s anniversary trip, we decided to do a road trip. I’ve lived in California most of my life but I had yet to explore the part of California that is north of San Francisco and Sacramento. So we decided to do a leisure drive down the California coast for our trip!

Here was our map: Reno > Oroville > Redding > Redwood Forest > San Francisco > Monterrey > Big Sur > Santa Barbara > Orange County (more…)

Our Third Year Anniversary, In Pictures

Wedding Day

Russ and I celebrated our three year anniversary yesterday. I can’t believe it’s been three years. Time seriously flies by with this man.

We decided to not do any of our freelance work that day, and to take time off and spend quality time with each other. After three years, quality time is still my love language. Can’t get enough of my husband. Since we’re doing a road trip next week (Eeee!), we did a local trip to San Diego. Here are some pictures of our day. (more…)

Day Trip to Lake Arrowhead

On Friday, April 1st, Russ and I decided to go on a day trip to Lake Arrowhead. One of the perks of both working from home as freelancers is time flexibility. Of course, there are some downsides as well, but we’re trying to find more upsides so that we don’t get discouraged from all the work we’re doing.

One goal we’ve talked about is taking more day trips. Whether that’s to the beach, a lake, the mountains, etc., we want to take more weekdays off once in a while and just spend time together. Also, it doesn’t hurt that we live in a beautiful place where we get to explore different scenes and crowds easily.

Lake Arrowhead


A Summary of the Past Few Days, In Food Form

I was looking through the camera roll on my phone to see what I can update you guys on. But most of my pictures are either of woodworking projects, sewing projects, or food. I found it fitting since in Filipino culture, life revolves around family and food. So let me recap the past few days in food form.

Monday Morning


Had a few of my favorite girls over on Monday morning for some catch-up breakfast. I think since being married and owning my own place, I’ve been loving hosting meals at our home more and more. (more…)

Valentine’s Day, in Pictures

Valentine 2016

Valentine’s Day was so much fun. This is our third Valentine’s Day as a married couple and our first where we decided to spend it at home. The previous years, we’ve taken overnight trips to nearby cities. But since we’re sticking to a budget this year (after buying a house, doing some career changes, etc.), we decided to have a romantic day at home. (more…)