A Summary of the Past Few Days, In Food Form

I was looking through the camera roll on my phone to see what I can update you guys on. But most of my pictures are either of woodworking projects, sewing projects, or food. I found it fitting since in Filipino culture, life revolves around family and food. So let me recap the past few days in food form.

Monday Morning


Had a few of my favorite girls over on Monday morning for some catch-up breakfast. I think since being married and owning my own place, I’ve been loving hosting meals at our home more and more. (more…)

Getting Our Life Together


Good news! Russ and I are transitioning into our own business for awhile and it’s going well. I’ve been working from home for a little over a year now and Russ started freelancing again at the start of this year. At first, it was a bit rocky in terms of getting consistent clients. But now, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally nearing! Russ is getting consistent work, he’s networking, and I think overall we’re very content at where we are. (more…)

Fashion & Fabric & Flower District

Flower DistrictThis week, I went to downtown LA with a friend to buy some fabric from the Fabric District as well as look around Fashion and Flower District. I’ve bought lots of fabric from the Fabric District before, and I even bought my wedding dress from the Fashion District. However, I’ve never been to the Flower District. And I’m so glad we were able to explore it this time! (more…)