Going Zero Waste | Beeswax Wraps

In an effort to transition into a more low-waste home, another product I wanted to get rid from our kitchen was the saran wrap. After looking at alternative products on other blogs and Etsy, I realized making the switch proved fairly simple. First of all, if you don’t want to make anything, just invest in glass containers with lids. Done. No need for saran wrap. We have a few glass containers with lids for keeping our leftovers but I also wanted the option of having some type of thin cover to throw over a bowl that didn’t have an accompanying lid. Hence, beeswax wraps. (more…)

A Change of Space

I have more things to blog about other than just baby things, and here’s proof. We got a new chair for the living room and a new table! And while we’re talking about new things, we’re also in the process of installing new floors! Remember my post about our floor water leak? Well because of that, we got a chance at picking new flooring and we also decided to install it ourselves. And by “we” I mean Russell is doing all the installing, ha. Thanks Russ!

Let’s start with the chair. (more…)


Ari turned 2 months old! Ever since he went through the infamous 6-8 weeks fussy phase (those two weeks were killer), he’s been a lot more smiley and social. He coos a lot more now too. But the downside is: when he smiles too much, he uses up all his energy then you have a cranky baby in about 30 minutes flat. It’s like clockwork. But now we know how to tire him out — get him to smile. (more…)

A Good Season

Hello! I don’t know where to start! I haven’t updated much since Ari was born but that’s because with a newborn, everything goes up in the air. I have, however, learned the art of blogging while breastfeeding ever since I downloaded the WordPress app. Let’s do a rapid-fire update shall we? Then I’ll get into it in the end.

  • So this happened: 
  • Russ and I celebrated 4 years of marriage in April 
  • Ari is now six weeks old. He got his shots a few days ago. Here’s a picture from when he turned one month old.
  • And he has also started smiling and cooing.
  • I celebrated my first Mother’s Day!