BLOGMAS (Dec. 22) | Gift Wrapping

I finally wrapped all the presents left and put them under the tree. There were only a few presents to wrap and most of them were for Russell. I can’t believe Christmas is only a few days away!

I wrote about this in a previous post, but this year Russ and I took the approach of using up what we already had on hand instead of going out to buy more Christmas wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags. I love doing this because it forces you to be more creative. Plus, it goes with the minimalist lifestyle and almost (but not quite) zero waste. (more…)

BLOGMAS (Dec. 19) | More Holiday Things

Guess what? I did more baking on Monday. Surprise, surprise. We were going to have some Christmas dinner with a few friends on Monday night so I decided to make presents for our friends.

This year has been interesting in that we were able to make it a full year on freelancer salaries but it also meant we were (and still are) tight on budget. We still wanted to give presents to close friends which meant getting creative. This isn’t a problem for us, since Russ and I both like making things.  (more…)

BLOGMAS (Dec. 17 & 18) | Pie Social & Resting

This weekend was split evenly between doing a million things and doing nothing. See below.

Saturday, December 17
Saturday was filled with lots of baking. I think once the holidays pass, I’m going to take a sabbatical on baking. I’m all baked out.

If you’ve been keeping up on my blogmas posts, on Thursday I spent all day cooking/baking. I was able to rest on Friday but I was back at it on Saturday. It’s been getting colder where we live which means I want to bake more just so our gas oven will heat up our condo. So Saturday morning, for the first time ever I made homemade cinnamon rolls.


You should have seen the  (more…)

BLOGMAS (Dec. 15) | Christmas Party

Hello friends! It’s weird to think that last year, on December 15th, it was Russell’s last day at his old company before they had to let him go (budget cuts). We did it folks. We lasted a whole year on freelance incomes and managed to pay our mortgage and all our bills. I hope it gets easier from here.

It’s been a stressful December. Russell and I joked that this holiday season and last year’s holiday season have been really stressful; so maybe next year’s Christmas with a baby will actually be easier for us. Ha. The month has zoomed by and we are only days away from Christmas (!!!).

Anyways, to celebrate, Russell and I threw a Christmas party for our last community group meeting of the year. I wish I took more photos, but here’s one Russell snapped while we played board games.