Getting Into the Holiday Season


Happy December everybody!

I’m currently writing this from Las Vegas, Nevada! Whoop whoop! Technically, Russ and I are on our babymoon but we’ve just come back from one of the best buffets I’ve ever been to…and we can’t move. We are so stuffed from all the delicious food we just ate. We were at the restaurant for about 2 hours just eating and stuffing our faces.

Anyways, I figured I should write because (more…)

It’s A…

Okay, I’ve been slacking on blogging but I promise (soon-ish) that I’ll get back on track. There’s just so much to do! Rearrange our entire home, prepare a nursery, research baby items, go on many dates before baby, etc. But enough excuses, I need to write more consistently 🙂


To be honest, since finding out about the baby, I’ve turned into a hermit. I did not realize how much unsolicited baby advice you receive once people find out your pregnant. Not that I’m not thankful – I appreciate many people’s input… (more…)