Virtual Home Tour: The Guest Bathroom (Before & After)

Here’s a look at our guest bathroom through our The Virtual Home Tour. Every time I have a visitor, the guest bathroom is one of the rooms I make them check out. It feels a bit weird forcing people to stand in the bathroom while I gush about the improvements…but I really do like this room! It’s so pretty!


Sadly, I didn’t take a complete before picture of this bathroom before we fixed it up. Here’s the closest I can get to the “before” shot:

In this picture, the walls are already gray. When we first moved in, the walls were a peach color. Countertops were an off-white color. And there was your standard medicine cabinet on the left. The toilet seat was also this soft pillowy cushion type thing that haunted me. After we got our condo, my mom was awesome enough to bleach everything in the bathroom. You couldn’t walk in there without your eyes tearing up from all the chemicals. I was comforted by this smell because it meant clean.

We bought a tub-n-tile paint so that we could paint the bathroom countertops. I really didn’t like anything in the house that was an off-white color. It just looked old, worn out, or stained. I wanted everything to look clean and fresh. After reading many DIY and renovation blogs, I found a post that talked about how you can paint your own bathroom countertops with a tub-n-tile paint. It’ll save money on having to install a new countertop, plus it was fairly simple.

The process involved sanding down the counters. Luckily, we have an electric sander so this step was easy. The paint however smelled strong and bad. We had to air it out for a couple days.

Another addition to the bathroom that you can see in this picture is that I lined the bathroom drawers in bright, happy yellow paper. I love hidden pops of color!

Check this out. The sink knobs before just looked old and out-dated. We found these modern bathroom knobs on Amazon and installed them after the sink countertop finished drying.


We installed quirky wooden knobs on the drawers and cabinet doors as well.

Both of our bathrooms have giant bathtubs and are great for baths. However, the guest bathroom had a glass door and I didn’t like that guests can stare into the bathtub when they use the toilet. So we simply put up a bath rod and a curtain. This way, we can create a more half-bath feel when guests use the bathroom.

A super easy DIY project we did for the bathroom, and one that automatically makes the bathroom look nicer, is this wooden frame we put around the mirror.

The bathroom comes with a great big mirror that is in good quality, but it was just plain and boring. This project literally took the Husband a couple hours at most. All we had to do was measure around the mirror, Russell cut the wood pieces, and stained and sealed them. Then we attached it to the mirror using command strips. Viola!

I also found some great ideas on Pinterest when it comes to upgrading your medicine cabinet. Since this was a guest bathroom and I knew I wouldn’t be storing medicine and toiletries in this medicine cabinet, we opted to take it out and modernize the space.

Husband was able to unscrew and yank out the cabinet. He then measured the space and customized a wooden open medicine cabinet! It is more like a sunken shelf and we love it so much. He stained the wood to match the frame and it just looks so pretty. After he made the wooden shelf, I went in and decorated it.

Here are some final shots of the bathroom at its current state:

Little Whale Tale
In case anyone cared how the floor and mats looked like…

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