Virtual Home Tour: The Dining Room (Before & After)

Here’s the Dining Room of The Virtual Home Tour! Let’s jump right into it.

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As you can see in the Before picture, the walls are brown. It’s a good space and it was exciting brainstorming ways to fill in our little home.The dining area is pretty small but it works well for Russ and I since we don’t have kids yet. We’ve always figured our condo will be our starter home and hopefully as our family grows in the future, we’ll be able to find another home to fit our needs. For now, it’s perfect.

d8340-wine2bcabinet We couldn’t find a place for this storage cabinet. After moving it around in our condo for a bit, we found out it works best in our dining room window nook.

Not sure yet about that little green palm tree on the side. It used to be in the patio but the winds lately have hurt it a bit. It looks great in the dining area but it crowds our space. Still deciding what to do with it.

Detailed Shot The wine cabinet has become the place where I put random, but cute, things/momentos I want to keep.

  • Snake plants: Because, plants
  • Glass jar: Russ’s best friend gave this to us on our wedding. It’s filled with pieces of paper–these pieces of paper are blog posts/poems from when Russ and I were dating.
  • Wine bottle: Russ’s aunt made our wedding wine. For the label, she printed out stickers of our engagement pics and placed them on the bottles.
  • Mason jar with fake flowers: This was a center table piece from my brother’s wedding. Angela (his wife) made these and I wanted to take home a piece from their wedding, hehe.
  • Jar with wine corks: Since we’ve been married, when we open a bottle of wine to celebrate small and big joys, I’ll write the date and occasion on the wine cork and put it in this bottle. Sadly, this isn’t all the wine corks we’ve collected. I have a bunch more waiting for a bottle home. Maybe it’s a good thing we have all these corks? I mean, we’ve been married for over 2.5 years…
0585e-img_3065 Made this little macrame plant holder with some jersey t-shirt material. White curtains are from IKEA. The tan curtains were hemmed and made by Russell’s mom.
b592b-light Okay, I don’t know why I’m showing this because we haven’t done anything to this light fixture. However, this is the only light fixture in our condo that I liked. It’s a good little chandelier and it does it’s job. But, my vision for it is to spray paint the metal areas a mustard yellow then add mustard yellow paint to the tips of the glass around the bulbs. That’ll be sometime next year though.
f26ea-dining2btable Good ole table from IKEA. Russ and I bought this table when we first got married. The chairs were plain wood but we painted them because we like color. For the one year we were in Carlsbad, this table went into storage. We’re so happy to have this table back – it’s like having a brand new dining table (since we didn’t have a dining area in Carlsbad).



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