A Few Autumnal Things

Before autumn ends, I wanted to quickly put this on the blog before I switch out my fall decorations.

I’m not big on large seasonal decorations but still love decorating our space to coordinate with the seasons. Below are a few pictures of subtle autumnal decor I have lying around. It’s not much, but it was enough to change up our home for this season.

Autumn Candle
Autumn Candle

I light my autumn candle almost everyday and it makes our home smell wonderful. Candles are a staple in the Henry household and is my go-to decor of choice. The green dish is from a friend in Reno who mailed it to us as a housewarming gift. Handmade items/items-made-with-love are also a go-to decor of choice. And there’s also a little pumpkin as an accent, because you can’t go wrong with 69 cent decorations.

Blanket is from Husband’s grandma who crocheted this for our wedding present. This throw blanket has enough fall colors on it, so I switched out my white throw blanket I normally have on our couch. I love cozy personal things. I try to take a minimalist approach when it comes to buying items and it leads to lots of creative solutions when it comes to decorating.

Coat Rack
Another little pumpkin chilling on our coat rack.
Pumpkin on the Fireplace

Not sure if a yellow pot with a little piece of twine wrapped around it counts, but it still brings me a teeny amount of happiness when I see it on my dining table.

What are your go-to autumn decor(s) of choice?

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