Christmas Time is here

We love Christmas at the Henry home! Here’s a look at the current state of our space.

Front Door
Christmas Sheep
Christmas Sheep

Simple box, bell, and sheep. I believe these sheep used to belong to Husband’s parents when he was little.


The toy train and the banner were also Husband’s when he used to live in Reno. His family are insane Christmas decorators. His entire family goes all out on Christmas, and it’s nice to have little decorations that used to hang in his childhood home this time of year.
Coffee Table Centerpiece | Top View & Side View
Coat Hanger.jpg
Coat Rack. Representing the Gryffindor Scarf.
Side Table
Side Table

Gotta put little ornaments on our houseplants. Husband’s grandma knitted us that white circle Christmas decoration. The red yarn is mine since I am also trying to knit little Christmas decorations.

His & Hers Stockings
Mantel View

Loving our mantel. We had so much white space above the fireplace, so I hung little Christmas ornaments across it using fishing line. Total money saver and an easy DIY.

Window Ornament_Closeup

Snow Falling

Also hung little blue snowflakes across our windows. The only way we’ll get snow in this part of Southern California.

Vintage Sign
This also used to belong to Husband’ parents. It’s currently hanging in our kitchen.
Oh Christmas tree
Oh, Christmas Tree

We got a real tree this year (last year, we were living in Carlsbad and didn’t have space in our 450 sq. ft apartment for a tree). For ornaments, we stuck with white and silver ornaments/snowflakes. Husband also wrapped white yarn and twine around the tree. I love the smell of our living room every morning when I step out of the bedroom. Smells like CHRISTMAS.

1st Ornament
My Favorite Christmas Ornament

Every year, we get a new ornament for the tree. This ornament was from our first Christmas together as a married couple. Also an easy DIY (buy a clear ornament, print out a picture, stuff it in ornament, then fill the extra space behind the picture with cotton balls).

Living Room_2
Our pet dog as grumpy Santa
 Handmade Items:
  • Wreath on door: I made this last year as part of a wreath-decorating contest in a company I worked for. I got second place 🙂
  • Christmas pillow cases: Sewed new cases from extra fabric I had lying around.
  • Quilt/blanket: Quilt on the couch was the one my mom-in-law made me for one of my birthdays.
  • Stockings: Husband’s stocking was made by his mom; it’s the same stocking he had growing up.
  • Red Mat on coffee table: From an easy sewing project
  • Mantel Ornaments and Blue Snowflakes: Made from fishing line and old Christmas ornaments from our first Christmas together!
  • Yarn and Twine wrapped around tree: Self-explanatory

There was a lot of easy DIY Christmas project this year. You can never go wrong from personalized Christmas creations.

Living Room_1

We didn’t go too overboard with the decorations–I figured we have years to collect different Christmas momentoes, so I didn’t want to stockpile it this year. Hence, lots of random handmade bits. I think we honestly spent less than $20 on decorations [does not include cost of tree] this year, and most of that money was spent on ornaments. Loving the look, smell, and overall vibe of the living room.


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