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I love Christmas time. Absolutely love it. The music, being with family, spending all your hard-earned money…

One thing I thoroughly enjoy – much to the relief of my husband – is wrapping presents. Now depending on how much time I have on my hands will greatly affect how intricate the wrapping looks. Sometimes I give in and just buy festive Christmas wrapping. This year, I added a twist and decided I wouldn’t spend money on wrapping. I wanted to use up whatever wrapping and embellishments I had stored up. And I must admit, I think this year has been my favorite by far in creative ideas. Take a look at the pictures below for Christmas wrapping ideas!


This first set of photos shows simple yet classic ways to wrap Christmas presents. I have a big roll of brown wrapping paper – which I like having handy since it’s easy to spruce up, and you can use it for any type of holiday (birthdays, baby showers, weddings, etc.). For this present, I used twine and green/white baker’s yarn to keep a rustic look. I added a candy cane in when tying the strings together for a bit of Christmas pop. I also had lettered stickers saved up and used those for the names.


While I liked how the present originally looked, I couldn’t help adding hearts. I used some old newspaper to stamp out different shaped hearts and glued it to the present. I like how the present looked either way.

Gift with PictureGift with Pic_2Gift Closeup
This present also uses the brown paper bag look. As you can see, I’ve done most of the same things as the first present but added a magazine clipping to this one. This present is going to Star Wars fans and the picture was a fun way to make this more personal.

SimpleSimple_2I do love a black-and-white present wrap. It just looks so classy. This present is going into a family white elephant game. I kept the ribbons simple by wrapping a thicker red ribbon around the whole present and adding green and white to it once I tied them all together.


Same concept as the other ones but this one has fabric, twine, and yarn. Mom-in-law is a quilter and knitter so this was a great way to personalize it.

Hope these presents inspired some type of creativity! I enjoyed decorating these and wish everyone a happy holiday!


By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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