Valentine’s Day, in Pictures

Valentine 2016

Valentine’s Day was so much fun. This is our third Valentine’s Day as a married couple and our first where we decided to spend it at home. The previous years, we’ve taken overnight trips to nearby cities. But since we’re sticking to a budget this year (after buying a house, doing some career changes, etc.), we decided to have a romantic day at home.

We also decided beforehand to give each other handmade presents. Husband used his woodworking skills and made me a bath caddy (because I’ve always wanted to eat while taking a bath, ha), and I made him a pre-planned future date night. The gift that keeps on giving! Anyways here’s a summary of my Valentine’s day in picture form.


Cup of TeaFlowers

Living RoomTablesetWaffles Orange Juice


Presents Vday Vday CardPresents Katrina PresentsLate Afternoon/Evening:



The Henrys

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