Slow Progress on the Master Bedroom

While we’ve updated most of the space in our condo since we’ve moved in, one room that we keep putting off is our own room: the master bedroom. I figured since that’s the one room our guest won’t be spending time in, we could save it for last. Well, here we are and we still have a plain bedroom.

We did paint our room white.

White Walls
Proof of White Walls

You can see a few raw before shots of our room in our first installment of the Virtual Home Tour. But other than that, that’s all that’s happening in our room…EXCEPT, we took out our bathroom door! Wait, what? Yup! Look!

No Door
No Bathroom Door!

One of the few things we regret doing when we painted our entire condo, was painting our tiny master bedroom bathroom this color. The picture toned down the brightness of the blue. It’s actually very bright. And if you can’t tell from the picture, the bathroom is small. So when you’re in there, you feel suffocated by the brightness. It’s madness.

And before, when we had a door, it felt like you had no space. We originally had a soft blue mat on the floor but it meant that the door would jam on the mat. And since the door swung inwards – towards the toilet – whenever you wanted to get something from the cabinets (There’s a little storage cabinet on the left) or if you wanted to get out of the bathroom, it was almost impossible. This is the one part of our condo that I hate. Who designed this? The only plus is that the bathtub is huge. But because of the small size of the bathroom, I would have preferred a small standing shower. However, we make do with what we have…or don’t have. Because after husband and I got really angry and frustrated at the bathroom door, we took it out.

Then there was the problem of privacy. Duh. After browsing several home renovation blogs and scanning Pinterest boards, we finally settled on a curtain for a door. Originally, we were going to do a sliding door, barn style. But after looking and reading at several blogs, I started to gravitate towards the curtain door. It looks so breezy and light. Plus, it made the inside of our bathroom brighter and bigger.

Installing Curtain

This was pretty easy. The curtain was from the clearance section at IKEA and the wood is a random piece of wood we had lying around that Husband cut and sealed. To hold the curtain up, he nailed in nails then bent them upwards. Ta-da! Makeshift door.


In other bedroom news, we decided to finally buckle down and make changes to our master bedroom. But for now, this is what I can share – a few pics of a quirky little bathroom door that our dog likes to enter whenever husband or I are in there doing our business. We like to joke that it’s our dog’s way of getting revenge for all the times we’ve impatiently watched him poo during a walk.



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