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Since I haven’t posted an update on our master bedroom yet (because we haven’t really done anything except rip out our bathroom door), here’s one small tid bit that I can share: My tiny little night stand.

This stylish night stand was found for a bargain price at Homegoods. When Husband and I saw it, we immediately purchased it. It was in our living room for a little bit, but I was too selfish and wanted it right next to me by my bed. So it became my night stand.

Top ViewFlowersPlants Rings

Items currently on my nightstand:

  • A picture of husband and me from our first Easter together as a married couple (circa 2014)
  • Little plate for accessories I take off before bed
  • Trader Joe’s Head to Toe Balm
  • White Flowers from Trader Joe’s that I forgot the name of, oops
  • Vase with more plants
  • My Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume
  • And one of my cloth napkins I made; floral patterns ftw!

It’s a nice view to wake up to.


By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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