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Flower DistrictThis week, I went to downtown LA with a friend to buy some fabric from the Fabric District as well as look around Fashion and Flower District. I’ve bought lots of fabric from the Fabric District before, and I even bought my wedding dress from the Fashion District. However, I’ve never been to the Flower District. And I’m so glad we were able to explore it this time!

As you can see, I bought some random green foliage. I couldn’t help it, I love the way they wrap the flowers up and display them. And when I was told this fern leaves bouquet was only $1.50, of course I snapped it up. And look how beautiful it looks in a vase! I also grabbed some baby’s breath because they were very cheap and always dry so nicely.

Flower District_2 GreenBabys Breath Green and White

I got this beautiful linen fabric from the Fabric district. I was hesitant to buy it at first, but I have a soft spot for good, friendly shop owners. When they so sincerely convince you of their fabric and prices, I almost always buy it. This is a horrible trait to have when you walk through a mall filled with kiosks and salesmen who try to sell you everything. I even gave money to Greenpeace for almost a year because I was intimidated by their aggressive behavior as they waved about their clipboard and asked me over and over why I wouldn’t help save the animals. Ugh. Anyways, here’s the linen I purchased. It’s actually quite beautiful so I don’t mind buying it.

Linen Linen_2

I want to make it into curtains for our living room. It’ll look so beautiful in the springtime as the sun shines through it. Sigh.

I also bought a bunch of zippers because I am working on my pouch-making skills. And when they’re 30 cents each, you buy them without thinking.


My friend and I also bought a few things from Fashion District. But I’m too embarrassed to take pictures of them and post them because we were suckers and bought fake makeup. I know, I know. I don’t even know how we didn’t realize it at the time – that for the prices they were selling them, and for the prices we know brand name make up is, that the items we were purchasing were quite possibly and most probably fake. So that happened. Came home and realized this is crap make up and I shouldn’t use it in case my face explodes in rashes.

It was a fun day nonetheless. We ended up eating dinner in Little Tokyo and had pie at The Pie Hole for dessert.

Pie Hole

I am still in love with the Earl Grey pie. So yummy. They’re finally opening a location up that’s only 20 minutes away from where I live as opposed to driving an hour away. Woohoo!

Then after dinner and dessert, it took me two hours to drive home because that’s LA traffic for you. It was a foodie’s and sewer’s dream come true yesterday.

Now I’m off to sew some fun things!

By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.


  1. I’ve always wanted to visit LA, specifically for the Fabric and Fashion District. Those flowers are beautiful and the fabric looks wonderful as well. I’m hoping to learn how to sew soon, so I can make use of all of the gorgeous fabrics out there! Great blog, by the way. Glad I came across your post!

    1. Thank you so much! Sewing has helped me make a lot of unique things – wishing you well on your sewing journey!

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