Sewing: New Curtains and Pillows

Spring time is coming which means…


Sewing! I’m sewing new pillow cases out of left over fabric pieces my mom gave me and new curtains from the fabric I bought while in LA.

SewingWork Table_2Work Table

Here’s a sneak peak of where the magic happens. It’s messy. I asked Husband to vacuum because I had so much lint and thread everywhere. But it’s a happy place with lots of sunlight.

_DSC0414 Quilted Pillows

I wanted to go with a colorful scheme for spring. And since my mom gave me a big bag full of fabric scraps, I figured it was a good idea to put it together and create some fun pillow cases. I’m not much of a quilter but I loved making these. I also like how they came out:


I still have a whole bunch of fabric scraps leftover and I’m not sure what to do with them. Perhaps a table runner? Friends, let me know if you want a quilted pouch and I will make you one!

Now for the curtains, I must have measured long because they ended up longer than I originally thought. I was too lazy to hem the bottoms once Husband put them up so I just left them. Fingers crossed that visitors don’t look too closely at my long curtains.

I'm not even going to show you a picture of the bottoms rolled up and touching the carpet.
I’m not even going to show you a picture of the bottoms rolled up and touching the carpet.
Curtain Texture  

Look at this texture! I love the sunlight shining through this. It makes mornings at home even that much more dreamy.

I still can’t believe how much I’ve been sewing lately. I need to get working on my other hobbies so it doesn’t look like I’m just an old lady staying at home. But now that I think back on it, most of my hobbies are old lady hobbies… womp womp.

Living Room



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