Day Trip to Lake Arrowhead

On Friday, April 1st, Russ and I decided to go on a day trip to Lake Arrowhead. One of the perks of both working from home as freelancers is time flexibility. Of course, there are some downsides as well, but we’re trying to find more upsides so that we don’t get discouraged from all the work we’re doing.

One goal we’ve talked about is taking more day trips. Whether that’s to the beach, a lake, the mountains, etc., we want to take more weekdays off once in a while and just spend time together. Also, it doesn’t hurt that we live in a beautiful place where we get to explore different scenes and crowds easily.

Lake Arrowhead

One of our family friends rented a house near Lake Arrowhead and invited a bunch of our friends from church to join them overnight or just for a day. Russ and I jumped on the opportunity and decided to go for a day trip. We had so much fun. Surprisingly, it was cold (there was snow!) but still relaxing. We got there early morning and hung out with friends who were there already. In just one day, we were able to: have three breakfasts, hike, go to a nearby outlet mall, take scenic walks, fish, and have a giant dinner. Russ even got a fishing license for a year in hopes that he’ll go out fishing more with friends.

Russell FishingFishing

I, too, tried my hand in fishing. However, I am scared by large bodies of water and even the prospect of catching a fish and having to reel it in. Fortunately Unfortunately, I was unable to catch us dinner.

Lake Arrowhead2 Lake Arrowhead3Lake Arrowhead5Lake Arrowhead4

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