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Hello! I figure it’s time for a rapid-fire update when I scroll through my photo reel and see a bunch of events I didn’t write about. So here they are, in summary form.

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At the end of May, my friend graduated and got her bachelor’s degree! I also got to see my godson. I love these photos of us because it’s rare to get all of us in one place, much less in the same shot. Krista’s graduation party was in Dave & Buster’s where we got to let out inner children out. There was one point in the night, where Jess and I thought it would be a good idea to try the 3D zombie shooting game. We spent of of the game screaming and closing our eyes. I’m sure people around us thought we were dying.


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Our friend got married in Riverside! It was amazing. And as is with all weddings, I always tear up. I loved their vows, love what they centered their ceremony on (they styled it like a church service), and loved seeing how they complement each other in so many ways. God is good.

Some of these pictures are snaps from snapchat because that’s my media of choice now.


Russ and I recently got Disney passes but we will be blocked for the summer. We went for one last hurrah during a weekday morning. Look at how much fun Russell is having on Autotopia. On a side note: his face is getting a little too hairy…


Recently had another Downtown Santa Ana Art Show event and shared a booth with my friend Angela who made such adorable things. She does needle-felting and crafts paper flowers. Did I mention she is also a great painter? And there we were selling our same old Budding Goods products. Overall, we left the event happy and I am hoping we do even more. It’s been quite a year for Budding Goods.

Other notes without pictures:

  • Russ and I got new iPhones. This means these were the last photos I could scavenge from my old phone. It also means better quality future pictures when it comes to “iPhone edition” posts.
  • I am sewing more than I need to talk about. And I will be branching off from Budding Goods and doing my own craft show. Eek!
  • I started a new food blog (I love blogs!) with four fellow girl bosses. You can find it here: Honest Palate
    You can still catch me blogging on the regular on this website about life, sewing, and all things nonsensical.

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