Summer Living Room

Summer Living Room

I love summer. I love how we get more sunlight in our living room when summer gets closer. And I like decorating my home to fit the season. I only did minor, little changes to our living room this summer but already it feels lighter and brighter.

I already blogged about the different summer pillows I sewed. And soon, I’ll post about how I made our hanging fabric mantel display. But for now, I’ll show you the little details we changed out.

Coffee Table Centerpiece
Coffee Table Centerpiece

Here’s our little centerpiece for our coffee table. I bought a summer candle that’s beach-scented then surrounded it with little seashells Russ and I collect when we travel. I also took one of our air plants and paired it with the candle on a green dish a friend gave to us when we moved into our condo last year (we’ve been in our condo for one year now!!). It matches our green reading chair.

Chair Here’s our green reading chair with its own custom summer pillow. I didn’t get to share this pillow design in my other post about making summer pillows.

Split Leaf

Russ took our palm tree that was originally in this corner and placed it in our patio. Then he put our happy split leaf plant in its place and I think it makes our space took amazing. It looks so 50s and I’m loving it!

Coat Hanger

I had a bunch of dried lavender just hanging around our house so I finally decided to do something with them. I placed them all in random mason jars and glass jars and spread them throughout the house. They make for great pops of decor. Here’s one on our coat hanger, near our entry door.

And those are the only changes we made to our living room for the summer but I already feel like it’s a brand new place. 🙂

Summer Living Room View


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