BLOGMAS (Dec. 9) | Friday Night Date Night + 24 Week Update

Hello, onto my second blogmas post!

One thing Russ and I are trying to do a lot of during this pregnancy is to squeeze in as many date nights as possible. On Friday, we planned a simple date night. I baked us some barbecue chicken sliders which we ate at home, then we decided to walk around South Coast Plaza.

I enjoy walking around malls during the holidays because of all the lights and trees. I don’t, however, like the increased amount of people but this Friday wasn’t too bad. We mostly watched little kids take pictures with Santa and got excited about our upcoming baby this spring.

We also walked around children stores – something we never really did pre-pregnancy. It was a whole new experience and gave us inspiration as to what to make for baby’s room. Russ and I joked that we might end up raising such an odd kid because most of his things will probably be handmade. We can’t help it, we both like crafting and building things so this baby just might not know what a store-bought toy will look like. Hehe.

Oh, we also finished up our Christmas shopping. That part wasn’t as enjoyable since pregnant Katrina gets hot easily and I was not dealing with the crowds well. There’s something about pregnancy that transform you into a mama bear and makes you protective over your baby bump. Speaking of which…

24 Weeks!

Yeah, I’m getting huge. I’m trying to remain positive and to keep telling my baby that he can grow as big as he needs but it’s hard when you stop fitting into normal clothes and have to start borrowing your mom’s oversized clothing. However, I am thankful that I do not have to spend money for maternity clothes and that I have family willing to lend me clothing. But geez, look at that bump. I am definitely raising a Henry baby 🙂

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