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This is a little off-season, but I really wanted to share. And since I took pictures of this project way-back-when, I figured why not share it as part of my blogmas series?

Thanksgiving Home Decor!

I’m actually pretty proud of these pillows. They are one of my more creative pillows. When autumn came around, I realized I didn’t have any fall-themed pillow covers so I dug through all my fabrics and pieced together ones that I liked.

The burlap leaf fabric is actually from a roll of ribbon I had purchased impulsively. I had no idea what to use it for when I realized I can cut them in strips and sew them into my pillows. The wide burlap fabric is actually burlap scraps I had from when I decorated wedding decorations way back in 2013! I love incorporating older, upcycled yet memorable pieces into my sewing. It’s so fun. The diagonal pattern was harder than I expected and actually took me two days to get right.

Crochet Blanket

This blanket is legitimately crocheted by Russell’s grandma. It’s a huge (and warm) blanket and I can only imagine how long it must have taken. She gifted this blanket to us on our wedding day and I love draping it over the couch during autumn.

As for our coffee table centerpiece, I took an orange tray I got at a garage sale for $1 and threw a bunch of random stuff on it. See here:

I had an autumn candle I hadn’t finished burning from last year, a couple of mini pumpkins I purchased at the grocery store, an air plant in a yellow bowl, and a bunch of our coasters I crocheted awhile back. Group together I thought they looked nice. Plus, I get to reuse the tray again next year during the spring season.

So there you have it – how my home looked like a month ago. I’ll be sure to post pictures on one of these Blogmas blogs of how my living room looks like this Christmas. See you tomorrow!

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