BLOGMAS (Dec. 14) | Watching The Nutcracker

On Wednesday, Russ and I went to watch a ballet. You may not have known this, but this past November, Russell participated in the Nutcracker ballet as Drosselmeyer. Okay, the production wasn’t as big as the one we just saw, but it was put on by my sister-in-law who owns her own dance studio. She had asked Russell to play Drosselmeyer and he happily did it.

Fastforward to Cyber Monday, I got a deal in my email inbox for a buy one get one free ticket to watch the Nutcracker at Segerstrom. I got us tickets and this past Wednesday, we were able to go see the ballet!

We parked across Segerstrom Hall at South Coast Plaza and walked over the bridge to the building. We do this because a) we don’t end up having to pay for parking at the structure and b) the walk is very pretty. They had a big, real Christmas tree all decorated and it was lovely to walk by and take pictures.

Very thankful for nights like these where we get to enjoy each other’s company while feeling the baby’s kicking. I feel like our little kid is always reminding us that he’s coming soon and to not get too comfortable without him 😉



By Katrina

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