BLOGMAS (Dec. 19) | More Holiday Things

Guess what? I did more baking on Monday. Surprise, surprise. We were going to have some Christmas dinner with a few friends on Monday night so I decided to make presents for our friends.

This year has been interesting in that we were able to make it a full year on freelancer salaries but it also meant we were (and still are) tight on budget. We still wanted to give presents to close friends which meant getting creative. This isn’t a problem for us, since Russ and I both like making things. A couple weeks before Christmas, I started baking a few different kinds of holiday bread and making our friends try them whenever they came over. The winners were the eggnog bread and orange cranberry bread so those two became the bread I baked for friends.

Packaging them – it turns out – is the fun part. I took on the same philosophy I had last year which is to use up what I have. It’s so easy to buy more Christmas decorations, tags, ribbons, wrapping paper, etc. that you forget that Christmas doesn’t have to be about over-spending. I used up some Christmas ribbon I already had on hand, Christmas baking paper I bought years ago but never used up, and tags I’ve had for awhile. I love the simplicity of it all.

I wanted to place the bread in nice bags but instead of buying paper bags, I decided to sew bags so that they can be reused later on.

I tried to match the fabrics to the personalities of the people I was gifting them too. They ended up being cuter than I expected and I almost didn’t give them away because I wanted to keep them. They would be so cute as reusable lunch bags! But I did eventually gift them as they were meant to be.

Later Monday night, we went to our Pastor’s house to have a casual dinner with friends. Everyone brought a dish (we made some fresh pandesal bread), and everything ended up looking amazing.

I love Christmas dinners with friends and family during this holiday season. It warms up my heart and soul and constantly reminds me to be thankful about the little things. Even though Russ and I were having a hard time in December in terms of saving and planning out how our lives will look like financially when baby gets here, these types of events makes us pause and realize we are so well taken care of by our community and family. These are the people I want my baby to grow up knowing and learning from.

I hope you all are enjoying your lunches/dinners/snacks and meet ups with friends and family!



By Katrina

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