Spontaneous Trip to the Sequoias

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I almost made it through blogmas however husband got sick on Christmas Eve so the next few days after that were spent watching movies in bed with him. Not much blog content there.

This also meant that our Christmas was spent at home with a sleeping Russell 🙁 We were able to get out for about an hour on Christmas morning and go on a short hike and to sit in the sun. But it was still a lovely Christmas. We had actually opened our presents to each other on December 23rd…we were too excited, ha. How are we adults about to have a kid?

Anyways, on December 28th, Russ and I were in line to get ramen and Russ turns to me and slowly says, “How would you feel…if…we…went on a spontaneous road trip on the 30th?” It was spontaneous since we had no clue where we would drive to. Of course, I got excited right away. When I was dating Russell, he was all about spontaneity and doing things last minute (pros and cons to this). Lately, I’ve been experiencing some nostalgia – I’ve reread all my diaries from my pre-dating and dating stage with Russ (OMG, we were so cheesy and cute if I do say so myself), I’ve revisited old letters we’ve written to each other, mementos I have saved in a box, and wearing jewelry Russ gifted me in the past. It’s a full on throwback in the Henry Home. I think it’s been stirred up because of this Henry baby coming soon.

On December 30th, we woke up at 3 AM, got in the car and drove towards Yosemite. We decided on the Sequoias because we visited the Redwoods forest for our 3 year anniversary and the Sequoias sounded like a nice trip to take on before the end of 2016.

Look at Russell’s crazy hair!

There was snow! Which we expected, but yet we only had our little Prius. The park ranger who let us in gave us a funny look and yes, we were the only Prius there in a sea of pick-up trucks and four-wheel drive SUVs. Sadly, we weren’t able to go on much roads since they were closed off unless you had snow tires/snow chains and four-wheel drive. We tried making it to Hume Lake but after getting halfway there, Russ decided to turn around since he wasn’t sure how much icier the road would get later in the day (snow was predicted for later). We ended up just hiking on the one trail we were able to get to with our little city car. I wasn’t able to hike the whole trail because this baby belly has started giving me Braxton Hicks contractions and shortness of breath…yay pregnancy.

However, I built my first ever snowman with tons of help from the husband.

We named him Frosty

Surviving a mountain hike

For lunch we had cup of ramen outside a little market. We brought ramen and snacks with us on the trip and just asked for hot water. When you’re out in the cold with the one person you love infinitely (plus another little human in your tummy), this feels like the best meal ever. My heart kept exploding this entire trip.

The ride home was wonderful. This road trip didn’t feel like a long car ride at all even though when I think back on it, most of our time was spent in the car. Right now, I can’t imagine anything but me and Russell but I know once Baby Henry gets here, I won’t be able to imagine life without him either. They always say your heart grows even bigger when you imagined it wasn’t possible…I can’t wait to experience that. Because right now, my heart is so full.

2016 was a wonderful year, but we can’t wait for our family and love to grow in 2017!

By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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