30 Week Pregnancy Update

30 Weeks 🙂

I did it! I made it to the milestone known as the 30 week pregnancy mark. Cue the anxiety and the excitement!

I’ve been watching videos on YouTube for the past few weeks and listening to different women’s 30 week pregnancy updates. Everyone looks so cheerful and hopeful at 30 weeks. Then I watch their labor and delivery vlog/video and they look like they’re in a lot of pain. Then I watch their post labor video and newborn update, and they look tired…but one thing I always wait for when I watch these videos is when the mom holds her baby for the first time after delivery. I’m always crying at those parts. Or when they’re doing their post labor update and they tell you how tired they are but then they show you their baby and you see the moms light up. That’s the feeling and moment I want to bottle and focus on when I have to push this little giant out.

Anyway, here’s some specifics on my 30 week mark:

Symptoms: Heartburn, sore hips, my left hip gets numb randomly because the baby favors my left side, hard time sleeping, tired
Cravings:  Pizza, cheese, fruit
Weight gain so far: 40 lbs. Yes, I am writing this in here in case any other woman, who is pregnant or wants to have kids someday, reads this. It is normal to gain a ton of weight! Every body is different. Don’t be embarrassed. Be healthy. Indulge your pregnant self when you want. And enjoy your changing body.
Baby is: Size of a butternut squash! Or just over 3 lbs


I still want to do a nursery tour since I’m pretty proud of what we’ve done to the spare room. Here’s a link to how we decorated it when we first moved in. Needless to say, it looks similar to that but at the same time it looks totally different. I love this kid’s room. I’m often in it and I’ll catch Russell just chilling in it as well because it makes us so excited for our son. We want him here already!

Here’s a sneak peak of the crib. Once we put everything together, and got bed sheets on the mattress, I think that’s when it became real for us.

This past weekend, Russell made floating bookshelves for the baby’s books.

These books are the ones that have been gifted to us so far, and two of them are fun poetry books which Russell bought in college. Love how it’s all coming together. Hopefully, we’ll be able to tidy the nursery soon so I can take pictures and share them on this blog.


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