32 Week Pregnancy Update

There’s a baby in there

Only 8 weeks left!!! Time to FREAK OUT.

Here’s a summary of what’s happening.

Symptoms: Heartburn, not much appetite, still sore hips, peeing frequently
Cravings:  Milk, ice cream, cheese, all the dairy
How’s baby? I’m amazed by how often he hiccups.
And also, how much he dislikes it when my belly touches a hard surface (i.e. the bed, when I put down my cereal bowl on my tummy, when I press my hand down on my belly, etc.). He goes crazy and starts kicking when this happens.
Another also, he moves around a lot when Russell talks. It melts my heart.
Baby is: Size of a head of lettuce! He’s big enough that when he moves around a lot, you see waves on my belly.


Other than my pregnancy symptoms, here’s what went on the past week:

  • Last Friday, Russell and I took the day off and went to Universal Studios. The last time we went together was on my birthday – I was pregnant then but didn’t know it at the time. Now, we returned in my 3rd trimester when I can’t ride any of the rides. We settled on buying hot butterbeer from Harry Potter World then riding the Studio Tour tram around. Universal Studios also had a cool Lunar New Year display going around where people wrote down their hopes for the new year and pinned it on trees.

    Mines is on the left if you can read it.
  • Our baby shower is coming up this Saturday! One of our good friends bought our present early and had it shipped to our house. It was absolutely generous and we are blown away by people’s kindness for this baby. When it arrived, Russell set it up right away and kept rolling it around the house. I think the car seat and stroller were the last things we really needed for this baby. So receiving this gift made us realize that, man oh man, this baby can come out any time and we would be ready for it.
  • And last but not least, I’m taking joy in the little things. Soon our world will be changing so I’m trying to enjoy what I can – like sewing without interruption, going to the grocery store without worrying about a kid, browsing at flowers. Life is great.

By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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